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Relief In White

Real Name : Cindy Ann Crawford

Date Of Birth : February 20, 1966

Place Of Birth : De Kalb, Illinois, USA

Height : 5'9-1/2''

Hair : Light Brown

Eye : Dark Brown

Education : Northwestern University

Occupation : Model, Actress

Bikini Babe cindy crawford

Bikini Babe cindy crawford
cindy back exposed , no shirt
Bikini Babe cindy crawford
Cindy had 3 siblings. She had a rough time as a kid when her brother Jeff died in Leukemia. She had good grades in school and graduated to DeKalb high as Valedictorian. She also attended to Northwestern University but never graduated.She got her first job as a spokesman for Pepsi. That was the beginning of her career success. Later she also hosted a MTV show called ''House of Style'', which, I think is the most popular MTV show. And, she has also made calendars as almost all models have done. Half of the money she earns (from calendars) goes to organizations which helps people with Leukemia. Nowadays she's the owner of about 10 million dollars. Her picture has been displayed at hundreds of covers to magazines and other kind of media.

Emerald Isle cindy crawford photos

cindy crawford photos
cindy crawford photos
cindy crawford photos
Cindy Crawford's trademark is a visible mole (or "beauty mark") on her upper lip. She is so closely associated with this physical feature that she appeared in an advertising campaign for chocolates featuring commercials wherein she "licked off" her own mole. During the beginning of her career, the mole was removed from many of her earlier modeling pictures, including her first Vogue cover.

Bedtime Story cindy crawford on bed

cindy crawford breast exposed
cindy crawford breast exposed
cindy crawford breast exposed
cindy crawford thighs exposed
She was discovered by chance by a newspaper photographer, who noticed then-16-year-old Cindy at work during her summer job of pollinating corn and took a picture of her. The photo and the positive feedback she received were enough to convince her to take up modeling. She entered the John Casablancas Look of the Year contest and was the runner up.

Lady In Red

In 1995,Cindy Crawford took her first movie role in Fair Game. Her performance was panned by critics, and the film was a financial failure, with expenses of $50 million and $11 million takings at the box office. She has had several other minor acting jobs since then, none of which have been commercially or critically successful.

By The Beach

Cindy Crawford was among the most popular supermodels, a ubiquitous presence on magazine covers, runways, and in fashion campaigns. In July, 1988, she became the first modern supermodel to pose nude for Playboy magazine, in a shoot by photographer Herb Ritts. In October, 1998 Crawford returned to the pages of Playboy for a second, more revealing nude pictorial.

Simply The Best

Cindy also appeared in many fashion campaigns during her career, including those for Gianni Versace, Escada, Revlon, Ink. She has also worked for Omega, Maybelline, and Clairol. Of her, famous designer Karl Lagerfeld has said: "She is a classical beauty and the all-American's dream girl."

Hide Away

Cindy Crawford was ranked number 5 on Playboy's list of the 100 Sexiest Stars of the 20th century. A 1997 Shape magazine survey of 4,000 picked her as the second (after Demi Moore) most beautiful woman in the world. In 2002, Crawford was named one of the 50 Most Beautiful People by People magazine. She continues to provide celebrity endorsement for a variety of projects

In 2005, Cindy created a beauty product with Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh called Meaningful Beauty for Guthy-Renker.

Babe By The Pool

Cindy Craford is frequently rumored to be bisexual, and having an affair with Christy Turlington. In '91 they were photographed while kissing behind the Roxy nightclub in New York. The rumors have intensified since Cindy appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair shaving k.d. lang, a confirmed lesbian. On May 6, 1994, the London Times published a full page advertisement in which Cindy and Richard Gere proclaimed: ''We are heterosexual and monogamous and take our commitment to each other very seriously''. It cost them $30,000.

Red Hot Cindy

She was married to the actor Richard Gere between 1991 and 1995. She is currently married to her high-school mate Rande Gerber, with whom she has two children, Presley and Kaia. She currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

Star Trek Look

Cindy Crawford graduated from DeKalb High School in 1984. She won an academic scholarship to study chemical engineering at Northwestern University, which she attended for only one quarter. She dropped out in order to pursue a full-time modeling career. After working for photographer Victor Skrebneski in Chicago, Cindy moved to Manhattan in 1986.

Cat On Catwalk

Considered one of the world's most beautiful women, supermodel Cindy Crawford has appeared just about everywhere that advertisements are allowed. Over her unprecedentedly long career, she has hawked everything from haute couture and perfume to soda pop and dairy products, and has made a fortune with her beauty and fitness videos and swimsuit calendars. Crawford also owns a piece of the Planet Hollywood restaurant chain. In 1995, Forbes magazine ranked her as the most highly paid model in the world.

On The Prowl

As an actress,Cindy Crawford occasionally guest stars on television series, as she did in a special 1998 episode of the NBC sitcom Third Rock From the Sun. In 1995, Crawford made a rather inauspicious film debut in the action thriller Fair Game. Despite the film's lack of box-office success, Crawford is still interested in pursuing an acting career.

Versace It Is

Cindy Crawford prefers her body now to when she was in her 20s - because she has had to work for it.

The 41-year-old supermodel and mother-of-two admits her slender size 8 figure came naturally to her when she was younger, but appreciates it much more now because of the effort she has to put in to maintain it.

Lullaby Baby

Cindy Craford said: "When I was 23, other women could look at me and say ‘Well, she’s never had kids’. But now I have and I know what it’s like to have to lose baby weight.

"I’m actually happier with my body now than I was back then, because the body I have now is the body I’ve worked for."

Biker Gal

The catwalk beauty keeps in shape by sticking to a high-protein diet and a rigorous exercise regime of Pilates, cardio work and yoga.

Cindy has previously confessed to having Botox and collagen injections since she was 29 to stay looking youthful.

Stars In My Eyes

Cindy Craford's home is really a big and beautiful .Her furniture collections appeals to a variety of lifestyles. She crafted her house with exotic woods, luxurious leathers and carefully selected fabrics. Cindy Crawford Home is the perfect solution for today's busy family.

Looking For You

With a coy look permanently tattooed on her face and a supermodel body that leans toward "voluptuous" more than "waif," Cindy is the prime example of all-American sexiness.Cindy encompasses glamour, fame and gray matter. This original supermodel has done it all, from magazine cover to movies to exercise videos, and now runs her own company.